Hi there non-Polish speakers, welcome to our blog!


As you might have noticed, this blog is normally run in Polish (and even so, our moms and grandmas still complain they can’t understand all the words :)))) ).

On the way we do meet some interesting people who we always invite to follow us online or sometimes we just hope to get invited on a boat that happens to go in the same direction as we do and we don’t want to be total strangers in these situations.

Anyway, it’s not feasible for us right now to run this blog simultanously in two language versions and Google translator works very well for the „my name is John” type of sentences (and believe us, in Polish version the sentences are a bit more than that). So as always, we have to compromise. You will find a translator widget on the right hand menu, right above the tag cloud. Just pick „English” in a drop-down menu each time you want current site to be translated.


What we can promise, is that „About us” section (top menu, in Polish „O nas”) is pretty well google-translated (it’s not perfect English, but we made sure it’s more than understandable) and that the top menu and the titles of the posts are also well google-translated. The rest will be pure & unaided Google translator, unless we get really bored (which does not happen too often).

So if you visited our blog in order to:

  • get to know more about us, you will hopefully get what you came for 🙂
  • follow our further travels (we probably met on the way and had good time together), you can always like us on Facebook and/or follow upcoming posts. Sometimes pictures alone say a pretty good story which coupled with Google-translation will be sufficient to understand what’s up.
  • get answers to any questions you might have about places we visited, just post a comment below the selected post and we promise to get back to you.

All the best and safe travels

Piotr & Pawel


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